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Skin Vitality Alpine Micro Mist


Lack of sleep,
stress, pollution, UV or smoking exhaust skin metabolism. Dead cells
accumulate; the complexion loses its radiance and turns greyish. Those
imperfections caused by exhaustion give the impression that skin is in poor
health, and looks older than it is in reality.

This micro-mist
of rare finesse leaves on skin vitalizing and decongesting active ingredients:

1. Vitalizing Swiss Apricot extract, high in provitamin A that offers toning
and antioxidant properties and in organic acids providing gentle exfoliating
properties -, it gives an immediate radiant glow to complexion. 

2. Cornflower water, obtained by steam distillation, well known for its
excellent decongesting properties.

Its texture:

scented water micro-drops, true journey in the heart of Swiss mountains.

Expected results:

Skin feels quenched, soft and energized. The complexion
is fresher. Features look rested. 

A convenient product to take everywhere to
hydrate and replenish your complexion from first signs of fatigue while setting

Spraying this Micro-Mist on your face in the
morning will give you an immediate and energizing boost to start off the day.

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