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Festive Set Skin Vitality



This set

Skin Vitality Vitalizing Healthy Glow Serum –

Healthy Glow Serum is a true concentrate of vitalizing

This moisturized vitamin enriched antioxidant serum preserves
skin from external aggressions, leading to premature ageing and restores
radiance to the complexion.

Concentrated in vitalizing Swiss Apricot extract.

High in provitamin A that offers toning and antioxidant
properties and in organic acids providing gentle exfoliating properties.

It gives an immediate radiant glow to complexion.

Healthy Glow Serum also contains a high concentration of Vitamin
C that is perfectly stable and acts like natural Vitamin C present in the skin.

Its texture is Melting, non-oily and non-sticky, enriched in
tiny pearls for an immediate healthy glow.

Leaves skin hydrated and energized.

Makes complexion fresher and more radiant.


Skin Vitality Vitalizing Alpine
Micro-Mist – 125ml


The new healthy glow moisturizing alpine look!

A Micro-Mist of rare finesse, rich in energizing Swiss Apricot
extract and decongesting cornflower water.

Leaves skin feeling quenched, soft and energized.


Skin Vitality Sleeping Mask Baby
Skin Radiance – 5ml

With micro-encapsulated AHA and vitalizing Swiss Apricot extract
to gently transform skin texture.

Dermatologically tested.

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