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Clean & Comfort Cleansing Milk


cleansing of your skin morning and evening is the very first beauty step. Yet,
in case of unsuitable products, this essential step can alter the skin’s
protecting hydrolipidic film and lead to irritations and discomfort.

Caress Cleansing
Milk removes make-up, moisturizes and soothes in a single step!
Ideal for dry, thin and sensitive skin, it gently eliminates face and eye
make-up. Concentrated in Pure water from the Alps and Swiss dermo-soothing
Mallow flower, it is enriched with Aloe vera, which has been used for millennia
for its moisturizing, soothing and emollient properties. 

Its texture feels like a milky
velvety fluid.

Expected results:

Skin is clean, soft and moisturized. It regains
immediate comfort.

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