Skin Vitality Micro-Peel


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Skin Vitality Micro-Peel


Lack of sleep,
stress, pollution, UV or smoking exhaust skin metabolism. Dead cells
accumulate; the complexion loses its radiance and turns greyish. Those
imperfections caused by exhaustion give the impression that skin is in poor
health, and looks older than it is in reality.

Micro-Peel is a creamy gum-like scrub that gently liberates skin from dead

Concentrated in vitalizing Swiss Apricot extract, – high in provitamin A that
offers toning and antioxidant properties and in organic acids providing gentle
exfoliating properties -, it gives an immediate radiant glow to complexion. 

Beauty-Enhancing Micro-Peel also contains perfectly spherical micronized wax
beads for a gentle exfoliation, respectful of the delicate skin.

Its texture:

gum-like scrub.

Expected results:

Skin texture is smoother and the complexion fresher,
more luminous.

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