Crayon Lumiere

Eye Shadow pen that is totally water resistant

Available in different luminous and sparkling shades. They can be applied alone or combined together. The creamy and pearl texture allow an easy and pleasant application, and a remarkable hold hour after hour. Their botanical ingredients, soya oil with calendula extract, are adapted for sensitive skin due to their soothing, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. Silk, hydro-regulatory and film forming, gives a smooth and delicate touch to the skin.

Available in the Following Shades

Beige Biscuit

Beige Cendre

Blanc Argente

Bleu Limpide

Bleu Saphir

Bleu Tempete

Bronze Dore

Brun Torride

Gris Cosmique

Gris Perle

Mauve Parme

Or Precieux

Perle Noire

Rose Glace

Rose Poudre

Ultra Violet

Vert Amande

Vert D' Eau

Vert Empire

Vert Jade

Violet Cerise

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