Lip Balm- Tinted

Lips are
deprived of sebaceous glands. They are therefore more vulnerable and cannot
protect themselves against dehydration and aggressive factors such as
pollution, cold, and sun. This weakening results in losing firmness, developing
lines and wrinkles, the lip contour becoming undefined and sore and lipstick

Mavala Tinted
Lip Balm nourishes, moisturizes protects lips that are stressed and dry,
tinting them with one of the 4 available shades, light and flattering, which
leaves a delicious fragrance on the lips.

 The ultra
fine, non-sticky texture is a major advantage of this lip care, which restores
comfort and elasticity.

This balm
protects and repairs, thanks to its balanced formula made from a botanical
complex based on patterson’s curse, heart seed and sunflower oil, which
provides a shield effect and soothes.

This complex is combined with apricot (rich in vitamins), aloe vera and shea butter (nourishing).  A perfect restoring product for dry and chapped lips and for retaining suppleness. 

Vanilla, Peach, Candy and Berry

Available in the Following Shades





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