Bitten Nails

This solution is made up of the following products.

  • Nail Shield
  • Mavala Stop
  • Cuticle Cream

nails are the result of habit, frequently originating in childhood and a
reflection of nervousness or stress. Try breaking the habit with Mavalas’ guide
to stop biting your nails in 33 days.

Care solution:

Stop is a completely harmless product which has the appearance of clear
enamel. It can be used by adults and children over three years old. Apply a coat
of Mavala Stop every day over the entire nail surface (over your nail polish).
Its distinct bitter taste will “warn” you not to put your fingers
into your mouth and will help you overcome the habit.

For even better results protect your nails beforehand with
Mavala Nail Shield, a two-phase treatment to reinforce and support the
nails. Massage the nail contour regularly with Cuticle Cream to
softens the cuticles and make them supple – no more hangnails to tempt you to
groom them with your teeth. At the same time, massage your nails with Nailactan nourishing cream to stimulate healthy nail

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