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The blending of Science and Nature

Throughout the world, the name MAVALA is synonymous with quality, thanks to its high performing products.
With their long experience, MAVALA Laboratories have decided to launch face care and beauty products : the MAVALIA range.

MAVALA Laboratories have chosen, as the natural key ingredient of the new MAVALIA face care and beauty line, a plant extract form the Alps (flower and leaves). It is the MALLOW (malva sylvestris), with its smoothing, emollient, astringent and refreshing properties. This plant extract is present is all the care products of the MAVALIA Programme.

The blending of MAVALA and the MALLOW plant - of Science and Nature - has given birth to MAVALIA.


The three essential principles

MAVALIA face care is based on three essential principles :

PREPARE skin to breathe better, and to take the best advantage of a proper treatment programme.
PREVENT premature skin aging of skin by maintaining its maximum moisture level.
PROTECT skin with appropriate treatments : nutritive components, vitamins, active ingredients, ...

The first procedure of beauty and care is to deeply cleanse your face. The face's epidermis is indeed the most exposed to pollution, changing weather conditions and our modern harsh life style.
Every morning the skin should be gently awakened with a cleansing product that delicately eliminates the sebacesous secretions developed throughout the night. The epidermis can then better breathe, and is then ready to receive its daily cream chosen for its needs. Cleansing at night enables one to eliminate all the impurities accumulated during day-time, or in one word, to "unpoison" your face, and prepare it to take the best advantage of its care programme while sleeping.

Maintaining the ideal moisture level of the skin's top layers prevents the skin from becoming dry and therefore from aging prematurely.
The MAVALIA Programme works to reduce moisture loss which becomes more important year after year. It not only reduces moisture loss, but it maintains a moisture balance of the epidermis with an appropriate response to each skin type.
Your skin, now well moisturized, will soon appear firmer, more supple, and therefore younger and more luminous.

At last, cleaned and moisturized skin should be protected with a care programme based on its specific needs.
Once the skin is correctly nourished, moisturized, cleansed, balanced, toned, firmed, regenerated, revitalized, soothed, and therefore effectively protected, it is then prepared to fight against daily aggressions and efficiently reduce premature aging.
The MAVALIA line offers a range of care products, enriched with highly performing active ingredients, that provide a specific response to each skin type.

The MAVALIA care Programme will help your skin regain its true beauty !


The skin

The skin is the envelope of the human body and its main protector. It separates the body from the outside world while allowing it to be in contact with it. The skin is the body's largest organ and the centre of touch and sensitivity. It is essential to respect its structure and its functions (thermo-regulation, skin breathing, ...), as its well being is vital for us.

The skin is made up of three definitive layers: theEpidermis, the Dermis and the Subcutis. (see illustration)

The Subcutis is the deepest part, forming a layer of adipose tissue (a "fatty cushion") which allows the underlying organs and muscles, which the skin covers, to move freely. It also acts as an effective shield against damages due to surface knocks and blows. It is interspersed with bundles of nerves and blood vessels.

The Dermis lies between the Subcutis and the Epidermis and is a fibrous tissue made up of collagen fibres (which maintain moisture levels and add strength to the skin) and elastin fibres (which give to the skin its suppleness and its elasticity). With age, these fibres deplete and fine lines start to appear. The Dermis is also a complicated network of sebaceous and sudoriferous glands, blood capillaries, nerve endings and corpuscules (for example tactile corpuscules).

The Epidermis is the visible and superficial part of the skin and is formed from 6 layers. (see illustration)

The epidermal cells arise from the deepest layer and multiply themselves: mitosis. They are active (nucleus) and moist. Some contain melanin: the melanocytes (skin pigmentation), some others contain keratin (protein): the keratinocytes.These gradually push upwards to form the visible layer.

As they move upwards, the keratinocytes lose their plumpness and moisture. They become scaley, flatter and harder: cornification process.

These lifeless and keratin filled cells are now perfect for their final role: protecting your skin against external damage. Finally the lifeless keratinocytes loosen themselves and continuously exfoliate: desquamation process.

These keratin debris, the secretions of sebaceous and sudoriferous glands and the epidermal lipids compose the "protective mantle" (hydrolipidic mantle) of skin.

The perpetual cycle of continual cell renewal takes between 15 and 30 days, depending on age and personal metabolism. The older you are the slower the process, which causes skin to dehydrate and fine lines to become more visible.

The key to healthy skin is to maintain this outer layer with a regular and appropriate skin care programme.

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